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This anarchist pop punk band is probably best known for the single "Tubthumping", which was everywhere in 1997, but probably less well known is the fact that this was taken from their eighth studio album, "Tubthumper".


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never mind the ballots

    always tell the voter what the voter wants to hear come on baby the wasteland todays sermon ah-men mr heseltine meets his public the candidates find common ground heres the rest of your life

pictures of starving children sell records

    prologue i-how to get your band on television ii-british colonialism and the bbc-flickering pictures hypnotise iii-commercial break iv-unilever-how to succeed in business v-more whitewashing vi-an interlude-beginning to take it back vii-dutiul servants and political masters viii-coca-colanisation ix-and in a nutshell food aid is our most powerful weapon-x-invasion

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