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cockney rejects

English Punk Rock band that formed in the East End of London in 1978.

cockney rejects

cockney rejects punk irratian


back on the streets

    fightinginthestreet badman ontherun hateofthecity someplaydirty heretheycomeagain someonelikeyou therocker onthestreetsagain wherethehellisbabylon headbanger sittinginacell tilltheendoftheday jointherejects imnotafool onthewaterfront

east end babylon

    your country needs you grasses and snides i love being me the devil went down to essex east end babylon scars to prove it silvertown bang out of order back to my roots in control forever

flares and slippers ep + unheard rejects 79-81 + rarities

    flares 'n' slippers police car i wanna be a star it can't be true nobody knows i need it again dead generation no time it will only ever be going back home it's up to you rutling orange peel mans life in the army listen beginning of the end greatest cockney rip off motorhead

greatest hits vol.1

    flares 'n' slippers ('' version) police car ('' version) i wanna be a star ('' version) i'm not a fool headbanger bad man fighting in the street shitter here they come again join the rejects east end the new song police car someone like you they're gonna put me away are you ready to ruck where the hell is babylon i'm forever blowing bubbles ('' version) west side boys ('' version)

greatest hits vol.2

    ) war on the terraces ) in the underworld ) oi oi oi ) hate of the city ) with the boys (on tour) ) urban guerilla ) the rocker ) nights ('' version) ) we are the firm ('' version) ) the greatest cockney rip-off ) sitting in a cell (with you) ) on the waterfront ) we can do anything ) it's alright ) subculture ) block buster

greatest hits vol.3

    the rocker bad man i'm not a fool on the waterfront on the run hate of the city hang 'em high ('' version easy life war on the terraces fighting in the streets greatest cockney rip-off join the rejects police car east end motorhead

out of the gutter

    out of the gutter nobody knows beginning of the end it still means something rock 'n' roll dream you gotta have it take it on the chin calling the shots collar felt blues shit or bust go down fighting grin and bear it

the power and the glory

    power and glory because i´m in love on the run lumon friends teenage fantasy it´s over on the streets again byc the greatest story ever told lomdob


    cockney reject come see me it's alright bruv fists of fury the ballad of big time charlie unforgiven useless generation wish you weren't here bubbles gonna make you a star stick your guns don't wanna fight no more

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