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British group formed in 1994 mixing hardcore punk, dub, ska and folk with political lyrics. Formed in south-east London the band have gigged and toured extensively playing venues, festivals, squat parties/centers, demo's and protest sites all over the UK and Europe, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Czech, Switzerland, Austria, Spain... Founder members J (vocals & guitars) and Fran (bass & vocals) teamed up with drummer [a=Paco (9)] of Conflict in 1996. Paco temporarily left the band in 2006 for health reasons, he was replaced for shows by Kevin ([a1727670]), Michel ([a1561118]) and [a1359822] ([a=Suicide Bid]). Paco then came back in 2007 before leaving again in 2013 (he died in 2015) and was replaced by Martin ([a2327549]) for 2013 concerts and then by Ben Swan.

inner terrestrials

Inner Terrestrials also referred to as iT! are a punk band from South London England. Originally formed by Jay Terrestrial and Fran Webber their first gig was in February 1994. Their music is a mix of punk dub ska and a touch of folk with lyrics that are more often than not aggressively political and cover subjects such as anarchism animal rights land ownership the class system war and many other subjects. Completely anti-establishment they prefer to deal only with underground and DIY distributors distros and collectives and as such became legendary according to Peppermint Iguana The Bolton News and The South Wales Evening Post in the underground punk and squatter scene in the UK and across Europe.


http://www.innerterrestrials.co.uk/ https://innerterrestrials.bandcamp.com/ http://innerterrestrials.bigcartel.com/ https://soundcloud.com/inner-terrestrials http://www.songkick.com/artists/210500-inner-terrestrials https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inner_Terrestrials http://www.massprod.com/groupes/innerterrestrials.htm

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1999-enter the dragon

    · enter the dragon · noahs farce · the cause ·

2002-barry horne

    barry horne · name of the father live ·

2003-guns of brixton

    guns of brixton · off with their heads · war live ·

barry horne

    barry horne · name of the father ·