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circle that a

    for-too goin' to town robotech data cockroach . kids couch falafel stock exchange go stop how many times (rich poor class war) my life my choice waiting for you bakersfield slaughter tree frog test anxiety wage slave mercedes benz genital wart nuke me slowly i hate the lord o.c. scene


    hear hymn corporate scam nasanimal killers star the crazy lady hegemony duran sirhan you don't own me happy birthday! you're gonna die! jj the wage slave whale fuck america and your buddha too! oc scene ii. i love tofu refuse

compilation and unreleased tracks 1997-2000

    hear hymn camparella h.a.n.k. shit maggot exploitation organize where the buffalo roam dead star rent a cop d fuck god

do you fear something

    refuse go-go power rangers kaiser toxic shampoo queer thoughts

hulk smash

    mercedes-benz stock exchange how many times wage slave cockroach genital wart nuke me slowly . kids waiting for you my life, my choice

it must suck to be you

    jesus h. christ bear ill of monkeys i hate you p.m.r.clinton ---jenny killer neighbour squid operation unabomber h.a.n.k. born to die slinky-dinky bill's on tv again for-too

more than animals

    rape baby ben dover fuck up day by day don't ask don't tell wiki leaks spange obama i'm joe biden a perfect life not for you cnn bullshit jesus is coming! look busy! cent whore why won't you die human doings the unholy trinity

mother fuckin messiah

    genital wart kids test anxiety couch falafel robotech

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