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special duties

Punk Rock band from Colchester, Essex, England, UK

special duties

special duties punk irratian


77 in 82

    too much talking government policies britain in ' colchester council rise & fight violent youth first time distorted truth depression it ain't our fault there'll be no tomorrow violent society cnd (campaign for nuclear destruc they don't care about me delayed reaction rodelet control

77 in 97

    ' in ' shadow judge and jury no place for reason ( in my heart ) crass war london town punk rocker ' top adios amigos mutt who the hell is buying that crap- it's saturday

77 one more time volume one

    bullshitt crass government policies too much talking colchester counsel rise and fight violent youth distorted truth britain in it ain't our fault depression violent society they don't care about me delayed reaction rondolet control judge and jury police state special duties

family man

    shellshock the addict dangerous game assassin whorehouse family man

the punk singles collection

    bullshit crass you're doing yourself no good punk rocker too much talking mutt london town judge and jury shadow wembley! wembley! up the u's violent society lost cause or not mrr rules i wish it could be ' gary gilmore's eyes johnny won't go to heaven sid vicious was innocent tommy gun colchester council violent society it ain't our fault colchester council police state we gotta fight it just ain't me special duties

egin zure irratia special duties