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the exploited

UK 82 / UK Hardcore band formed in 1979 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

the exploited

the exploited punk irratian


horror epics

    horror epics don't forget the chaos law and order i hate you no more idols maggie dangerous visions down below treat you like shit forty odd years ago my life race against time propaganda

lets start a war said maggie one day

    let's start a war (said maggie one day) insanity safe below eyes of the vulture should we can't we rival leaders (remix) god saved the queen psycho kidology false hopes another day to go nowhere wankers horror epics (live) law and order (live)

punk singles and rarities 1980-83

    daily news i still believe in anarchy army life fuck the mods crashed out exploited barmy army i believe in anarchy what you gonna do sex and violence (live) exploited barmy army (live) daily news (live) dead cities (live) dogs of war blown to bits (live) dead cities hitlers in the charts again class war s.p.g-(live) cop cars (live) attack alternative y.o.p. troops of tomorrow computers don't blunder addiction rival leaders army style singalongabushell

punks not dead

    punks not dead mucky pup cop cars free flight army life blown to bits sex & violence s.p.g royality dole q exploited barmy army ripper out of control son of a copper i believe in anarchy

the best of exploited

    beat the bastards fuck the system porno slut holiday in the sun noize annoys now i'm dead let's start a war punk not dead army life fuck a mod alternative the massacre sick bastard about to die don't pay the poll tax don't forget the chaos fuck religion uk believein anarchy pschyco affected by them never sell out boys in blue dogs of war u.s.a dead cities sex and violence

troops of tomorrow

    jimmy boyle daily news disorder alternative u.s.a. rapist troops of tomorrow uk sid vicious was inncent war they won't stop so tragic germs

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