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active minds

Active Minds is a DIY hardcore punk band from Scarborough (UK) formed in 1986

active minds

Active Minds is a DIY hardcore punk band from Scarborough, UK. Formed in 1986 by two brothers Bobs and Set, soon they’ve become the epitome of intelligent and overtly political punk music.



active minds punk irratian


capitalism is a disease, and money an addictive drug

    cant hide forever · competition time · dancing on your graves · gunrunner · meaningless names · participation is the key · split the scene · take a straight look at a crooked world · wrong priorities ·

cinco años golpeando nuestras cabezas contra una pared de ladrillos

    a matter of life or death · an end to the killing · an excuse for apathy · barriers of hate · being different is no crime · blind acceptance · blinded by scene · bullshit detector · cant hide forever · cant hide forever · civil defence · competition time · conformity · dancing on your graves · dead bodies · dead head · empire of destrucction · empire of destrucction · evo-stick · glorification of death · gunrunner · head on collision · how much longer · im sick of it · make it work · meaningless name · murder in the laboratory · not your property · participation is the key · royalty · slaughter of the innocent · split the scene · stream · take a straight look at a crooked world · take it back · the heroes are all dead · too far away to care · waste of money · welcome to the slaughter · will they aver learn · wrong priorities ·

dis is getting pathetic

    a false sense of security · fashion mask · get a life · one step forward two steps back · phoenix · poison cloud · slaves to fiction · we dont need it ·

recipe for disaster

    arbeit macht frei · from the candle to the gravy train · hardline numbskulls · recipe for disaster · roads to nowhere · smile..-you are on candit camera ·

the national lotta e 1998

    contradiction · insomnia · learn · lest we forget · national lotta e · pretence · sick world · treeconomics ·

you can close your eyes to the horrors of reality

    an excuse for apathy · and end to the killing · being different is no crime · blind acceptance · blind acceptance (continuation) · bullshit detector · dead bodies · murder in the laboratory · too far away to care ·