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anti-nowhere league

Anti-Nowhere League are an English hardcore punk band formed in 1979

anti-nowhere league

The band officially started in 1980 as a four piece band, with original members, Animal, Magoo ,Bones and Baggy. They played a few shows together at local venues and soon got a reputation for being an obnoxious band with a bad attitude. But within a short space of time members Bones and Baggy due to work and tour commitments were replaced by Winston and PJ and went on tour with the Damned. By 1981 the band had written and recorded their first album ‘We are the League’ which was at no 1 for many weeks in the independent charts along with 3 singles ‘Streets of London’, ’I Hate People’ and ‘Woman’, although the album was very successful for the band it did not include the song ‘So What’ because of legal restraints of obscenity laws so the band took the album on the road for the now infamous ‘So What Tour’ .by 1983 the band were riding high and brought in a second Guitarist ‘Gilly’ to add a more musical sound and recorded the aggressive live album ‘Live in Yugoslavia’ which was received very well, especially with the former Yugoslavians who for many of them meant that Punk Rock had arrived in their neck of the woods. Later on in 1983 PJ was sacked and JB took over drumming and the band had finished writing their second studio album ‘Branded’ but due to management bad finances the album never got recorded and the band were sent on tour to keep them ‘quiet’. After the release of their last single ‘Out in the Wasteland’ in 1985 the band became disillusioned with the whole music scene and had lost their way in what direction the band should be going so decided on one last major tour to get inspiration, Australia was calling. The Australian tour turned out to be very good for the band and the ‘Perfect Crime’ album was written and regenerated some enthusiasm again, thanks to Australian Punks. But by the time the ‘Crime’ album got recorded the band were not happy with the end result, although the album was written with electric guitars it ended up using synthesizers and fell into oblivion, so finally in 1989 the band recorded ‘The Final Farewell’ show in the Victoria Hall, Southborough and soon after decided to call it a day and split.



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complete singles collection

    ballad of jj decay · for you · fuck around the clock live · i hate people live · i hate people original version · lets break the law original version · out on the wasteland · queen and country · rocker · snowman live · so what · so what live · streets of london · we will survive · woman · world war iii live ·

kings and queens

    am i dead · dead heroes · degeneration · just another day in paradise · kings and queens · mission to mars · mothers cunt · piggy the lesson of life · pump action · the punk prayer · there is no god · wet dream ·

live and loud

    branded · cant stand rocknroll · crime · for you · johannesburg · let the country feed you · lets break the law · queen and country · something else · streets of london · we are the league · we will survive · woman · wreck a nowhere ·

live in yugoslavia

    cant stand rocknroll · for you · going down · i hate people · let the country feed you · lets break the law · paint it black · snowman · so what · streets of london · we are the league · we will survive · woman · wreck a nowhere ·

out of control

    dirty old fucker · fat bastards · gimme money · head in the wall · i dont wanna · i get bored · landlord is a wanker · loser · military man · out of control · sex fantasy · street life · this is the `s · top of the pops · useless bastards ·

pig iron

    judges whores · let the country feed you · london boys · talk dirty to me ·

return to yugoslavia

    burn em all · for you · fucked up and wasted · get ready · i cant stand rocknroll · i hate people · lets break the law · long live punk · scum · snowman · so what · streets of london and we are the league · the great unwashed · woman · wreck of nowhere ·


    burn`em all · chocolate soldiers · fucked up and wasted · get ready · gypsies tramps and thieves · how does it feel · long live punk · pig iron · scum · suicidehave you tried · the great unwashed ·

the perfect crime

    atomic harvest · branded · crime · i don`t believe this is my england · johannessburg · on the waterfront · system · the curtain · the shining · working for the company ·

the road to rampton

    beware of the madman · big yellow moon · bitter and twisted · good as it gets · medication · mother...-youre a liar · my gods bigger than yours · never drink alone · rampton · run · self harm · short, sharp, shock · the end of the day · time is runnin out · turn to shit · unwanted ·

this is war

    good as it gets unplugged · this is war ·

we are...the league

    animal · cant stand rock n roll · i hate ...people remix · lets break the law re-mix · nowhere man · reck a nowhere · snowman · streets of london · we will not remember you · were the league · woman · world war iii ·

we are the league... un-cut

    animal · cant stand rock n roll · for you · i hate people · lets break the law · nowhere man · snowman · so what · streets of london · this is war · we are the league · we will not remember you · woman · world war iii · wreck a nowhere ·