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anti system

Anti System is an English punk rock band from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

anti system

The band's music has been categorised as anarcho punk and hardcore punk. In an article by DIY Conspiracy, they were referred to as one of the pioneers of UK82.[9] Their lyrics often political, supporting anarchism and animal rights. They have cited influences including Black Flag, Crass and Conflict.



anti system punk irratian


at what price is freedom

    at what price is freedom · dont worry · eyes wide shut · false flag media · inmyeyes · leather bristles studs and ignorance · paradise · take a look at life · the tables must turn · wotnomeat ·


    · rifles · bomb threat · government lies · why should it happen ·

in defence of the realm

    animal welfare · bomb threat · government lies · no longer to choose · service- rifles ·

no laughing matter

    animal welfare · big fallout · brainwashed · dont worry · dying in agony · empty threats · no laughing matter · rhetorical stagnation · so long as · strange love · the end was inevitable · world that god made · wot no meat ·

take a look at life

    .in my eyes · .leather bristles studs and ignorance · .paradise · .take a look at life · .the tables must turn ·

the pax compilation tracks 1982-1984

    breakout · mans world · schoolboy · why should it happen ·