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AOA All Out Attack, All Our Anger, Axis Of Ascendancy born in edinburgh in 1982


All Out Attack, All Our Anger, Axis Of Ascendancy.. It's now 30 Years.. more than a quarter of a century.. since what would become A O A was conceived, born kicking and screaming. Raised in a small mining town called Loanhead and living in Scotland, we had a short but active 8-year lifespan. Our lives were a struggle for peace, freedom and equality, against those who would have us believe their lies and deceit. Still Conning? Who Are They...



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    . acceptance of what · . does it matter · . existing not living · . from the heart · . get to fuck out + no-one is laughing · . is this life · . material profit · . no immediate danger · . paradise lost · . scientific fraud · . the story so far · . time to realise ·