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Italian group oi!-street punk born in 2004 in the Roman hinterland

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Italian group oi!-street punk born in 2004 in the Roman hinterland, formed by Puccio, Patato, David & Palmiro. Takes its name from a song by the band of Turin district. In their songs the rage of the English working class born in 70's with movement Oi!. Their Ancora Noi...Ancora Oi! opens with the intro by the irreverent Remo Remotti. Puccio's rough voice isn't always understandable, booklet with lyrics help to understand their frustration. An italian journalist writes This roman punk band doesn't make new music, but still leave you listen. I imagine them locked up in a pub after a hard working day to release their tension with pints of beer, talking about music, women, politics and football.


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ancora noi...ancora oi!

    intro feat. remo remotti · ancora noi...ancora oi! · su di noi · radici · infame · generazione · non voglio morire · imparate a campa · patria mia · cane sciolto ·

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    intro · feccia · vita da sfruttato · unaltra notte · automatica aggregazione # · uomo libero · poesia di strada · disoccupazione · finche muoio acustica · propensione omologante flop down cover · sentimento chilly willy cover ·

sabazia street punk

    intro combat marce · automatica aggregazione · strade e guai · kids della rua · fedayn · ouvrier and working class kandm · figli delloi · contro di voi · ultras life · tsunami ·