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black easter

Formed in early 1982 in UK

black easter

Formed in early 1982, hey supported bands such as Subhumans Flux Of Pink Indians and Cult Maniax as well as hiring out local halls etc for gigs. They recorded a few Demos but only released the Ready To Rot Ep. Shawn Burt left the band and joined the army, he was replaced on vocals by Jem Hammick (R.I.P.) and before that Rich Sime was replaced on bass by Paul Pomeroy. In either 1984 or '85 after Jem left the band they added a Female Sax player called Laura and changed the band name to Spiketeam, guitarist Grant Taylor took over on vocals. they recorded a Demo as Spiketeam too. Shaun Burt - Vocals Grant Taylor - Guitar (pre-Spike Team, pre-KERB) Richard Sime - Bass Jamie Abethell - Drums (pre Chelsea, pre-Spike Team, pre-KERB) Paul Pomeroy - Bass (pre-Spike Team, pre-KERB) Jem Hammick - Vocals


black easter punk irratian


1982-ready to rot

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