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Anarcho-punk band that formed in 1977 North Weald, Essex, United Kingdom, and disbanded in 1984.


Crass were an English art collective and punk rock band formed in 1977 who promoted anarchism as a political ideology a way of life and a resistance movement. Crass popularised the anarcho-punk movement of the punk subculture advocating direct action animal rights feminism anti-fascism and environmentalism. The band used and advocated a DIY ethic approach to its albums sound collages leaflets and films. Crass spray-painted stencilled graffiti messages in the London Underground system and on advertising billboards coordinated squats and organised political action. The band expressed its ideals by dressing in black military-surplus-style clothing and using a stage backdrop amalgamating icons of perceived authority such as the Christian cross the swastika the Union Jack and the ouroboros. The band was critical of the punk subculture and youth culture in general. Nevertheless the anarchist ideas that they promoted have maintained a presence in punk. Due to their free experimentation and use of tape collages graphics spoken word releases poetry and improvisation they have been associated with avant-punk and art punk. Members: Vocals: Steve Ignorant, Eve Libertine (aka Bronwen Jones), Joy de Vivre. Guitars: N.A. Palmer, Phil Free. Bass: Pete Wright. Drums: Penny Rimbaud. Vocals, visuals : Gee Vaucher


http://instagram.com/crasswords https://www.bookogs.com/credit/229345-crass https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crass https://genius.com/artists/Crass

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best before 1984

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christ-the album

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merry crassmass

    untitled · untitled ·

penis envy

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stations of the crass

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the feeding of the 5000

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well forked but not dead

    banned from the roxy-the sound of one hand · punk is dead · nagasaki nightmare · darling-bata motel blues · berkertex bribe-fold it in half · big hands-heart-throb of the mortuary · bumhooler · big a little a · first woman · arlington · bomb plus bomb tape · contaminational power · i aint thick · gs song · securicor · i cant stand it · shaved women-a part of life · do they owe us a living · so what-salt n pepper ·

who dunnit

    who dunnit · who dunnit ·

yes sir i will

    yes sir, i will · yes sir, i will · yes sir, i will · yes sir, i will · yes, sir i will · yes sir, i will · yes sir, i will ·