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icons of filth

Formed: 1979, Cardiff, Wales (UK).

icons of filth

icons of filth punk irratian


brain death

    enough is enough · brain death · success on a plate for who ·

not on her majestys service

    one second to midnight · fucked up state · your military · cut the crap ·

onward christian soldiers

    why so limited · mentally murdered · theyve taken everything · fucked up state · present and history · dividing line · now were getting warmer · sod the children · show us you care · death is the only release · fool britanniaa song for europe · one second to midnight · midnight · onward christian soldiers · self-styled superiority · power for power ·

the filth and the fury

    sunk rock · evilspeak · vivisector ·

used abused unamused

    used abused unamused · a measure of insecurity · asking too much · virus ·