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infa riot

Punk / Oi band formed in 1980 in London by Barry D'Amery and Lee Wilson. Split up somewhere in the 80s, reformed in 2011.

infa riot


infa riot punk irratian


in for a riot

    five minute fashion · riot riot · kids of the s · each dawn i die · you aint seen nothing yet · emergency · the winner · drug squad · still out of order · schools out · friday oh friday · catch · bootboys · in for a riot · punch the air with glory live · feel the rage live ·

kids of the 80s

    still out of order · kids of the eighties ·

old and angry

    over my dead body · kiss my arse · attack · brick wall · punk and oi! · i am so angry · whoever you are · i always come back to blighty · who the fuck are you · proud · i am more punk thank you · akward bastards · what goes around ·

still out of order

    emergency · you aint seen nothing yet · five minute fashion · each dawn i die · the drug squad · still out of order · catch · power · bootboys · the winner · friday oh friday · catalogue kids · in for a riot · schools out · feel the rage · five minute fashions demo version · riot riot demo version ·