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From Basque country (Spain), Negu Gorriak is born after the ska group [a=Kortatu] was disbanded in the most popular point of its career in order to avoid creative settlement. The influences from [a1296123], old school rappers, [a28209], hardcore punk, reggae, ska and latin music are very clear in their eponymic record where the drums are sequenced and the sampler becomes very present.

negu gorriak

Negu Gorriak Basque for Red Winters or Severe/Harsh Winters were an underground Spanish group from the Basque Autonomous Community. Their musical style combines various styles of rock music such as hardcore punk hip-hop ska and reggae although it is impossible to separate the band from its political ideology and its identification with the Basque Country and its language Euskara.


http://www.negugorriak.net/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negu_Gorriak

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negu gorriak

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