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    another white lie! · cops and dope habits never go away · i did not resist arrest! · sitting in a pool of drool, i am missing you! · you cant handle my honest rock-n-roll ·


    -neutralboy-hidden track · -neutralboy-how miserable missouri can be · -neutralboy-idiot sheet · -neutralboy-shes so bremerton · -neutralboy-stopping blocks ·

everybody dies

    all eyes on the crooked guy · baptized by fire · cigarettes and pocket change · dead guys sing sad songs · duck motherfucker · everybody dies... · i see right through you · immune to bullshit · like god, i am everywhere · there you go, play hero · this is my life · tired of seeing blood on the floor · weakling · wrong words, right time, all the time ·

meet me under the viaduct

    best sex ever · blue lipped and white eyed · call me crazy · fillinf her portfolio · fridge · hippy tom · how miserable missouri can be · i am cocaine · idiot sheet · meet me under the viaduct · shes so everything · stopping blocks · too much way too fast · your friends suck ·


    folsom pussy blues · i said no bouncing on my bed · only pussies quit over text · pop rocks and pussy cats · throwing stones · we are the sweet enablers · you day dream, honey i day drink ·

random acts of sexual violence

    cleaning dog faces cage · down at the crow bar · face picker · fuck riot rob and steal · making make up sex threats · missing eyelashes girl · nice guys suck in bed · night of - lies · she gave me a visitors pass through her life · shitty reputation · youre a fucking pushover ·


    benefits of the death factory · i like to party (all the time) · im not losing my mind · lips of luxury-lick of shame · rich white punx strung out on dope · rugby boys · welcome to my gran delusion · where were you in - ·

some things never go away

    blue lipped and white eyed · bullets in my armpits · hard time handling love · help myself (feat. kevin kt treat) · life on the big pharm · pigs and demons · privatize (feat. andi moen) · the blues get evil · ton of pricks · violent dreams · you cant handle my rock & roll · you cant handle my rock and roll ·

thee inevitable sellout

    blinded in east l.a. · dizzy lee roths eyes · gran-delusion · i like to party · king sam · louise cannon · never come down, never get old · old, broke, in the way · psychotic romantic · rich, white, strung out · stroked out-n-demented · the old razzle skedaddle · thee inevitable sellout ·

vintage neutralboy 1992-1995

    eyes stone pinned · i should of stayed home · in a manic world · look ma, im on drugs · most my friends · poor celebrity · same excuses · smacking bubble gum and blowing smoke rings · stopping blocks · why cant everyone be like me · you are an asshole man ·

we all come here to die

    brianna the racist · emeryville marina california · gmas making bombs · homicidal thoughts · im an old punk, you are a punk kid · intensity in tent city · louise cannon · love me when im dead · my cocksure gets me in trouble · other side of panic · psychotic romantic · throwing stones just not that far · waking up in county jail · when you go to bed with that pussy do you dream about me · with the lights on ·

weapons of mass seduction

    big mess · boys in bad hair · dick to cry on · hand in hand s.t.h. · hard time handling love · kickin heads in · look mom i made it to broadway · manic circle · poor celebrity · r.t.d. · she swears · stone pinned · youre an asshole man ·