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Paranoid Visions were Dublin's contribution to the early 80s second wave of punk.

paranoid visions

Paranoid Visions are a punk rock band from Dublin, Ireland who formed in 1982.They broke up in 1992, had reunion shows and eventually decided to reunite. The band ran their own label, F.O.A.D. (Fuck Off And Die), during the 80s and 90s.The label was based in Dublin and run by guitarist, P.A. as is the bulk of their current administration to date.In 1987, the band started the FOAD2U2 campaign (meaning fuck off and die to U2). These letters could be seen sprayed all over Dublin at the time.Their EP, I Will Wallow is a parody of U2's album, Boy, and their single 'I Will Follow'. In . The band went on hiatus in the early 1990s reforming for shows in 1996 with the Sex Pistols on the Filthy Lucre Tour and the Damned on their 25th anniversary tour of 2001. In 2005 Toxic Records released the compilation 'Outside in' resulting in the band reforming for a few shows in support of the release.The reformation led to a huge creative burst and resulted in the 'Missing in Action' ep. The critical and commercial success of the record continued the creative vein and between 2005 and 2017 the band released 5 new albums and 12 singles. The January 2009 release Beware of the God.[6] was voted number 107 in the list of the most important Irish albums in Hot Press magazine, whilst the singles Politician, Treasure on the Wasteland and Outsider Artist (featuring TV Smith) all hit the Irish top 10. In 2013 the band formed an unlikely alliance with Crass vocalist Steve Ignorant which started out life as a single track and led on to regular live performances, 2 albums and 2 singles. The band alongside Steve have played some of the biggest alternative festivals in the world including Chicago's Riot Fest (att 80,000), Canada's Amnesia festival (att 60,000) and the annual appearance at the UK's Rebellion Festival, at which the band performed a set featuring Crass songs for the first time in 7 years alongside tracks by Flux of Pink Indians, Poison Girls, DIRT and Conflict as well as their own material. The 2016 the album 'Now and Then...'



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