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random killing

A Toronto Montreal and Oshawa based veteran Canadian punk rock band established in 1984

random killing

The group of childhood friends initially got together to jam some of their favourite punk rock music just for a shits and giggles. The fun turned infectious the jams continued and before long they had written their own songs played their first shows played on live television recorded Take Our Flag 1985 a 7 EP and made their first video of the title track. Their video aired on Rogers Cable CityTV news Much Music and won a cash prize at Trinity Square Video. The band followed up the success of their first release with the following record and cd releases: This Whole World 1989 Kicked in the Nuts 1990 Welcome 1992 Reissued 1993 Thoughts of Aggression 1994 Urine the 90s Now 1996 Stranded 1997 as well as numerous short run cassettes demos and enhanced CD-ROMs some of which were only available at their shows. Through Raw Energy records Random Killing achieved worldwide record distribution via A&M records Page Distribution Black Mark Production and EMI records. The band's latest 12 record Bring Out Your Dead was released Feb 2023 and is available from CursedBlessings Records and their distributors. In 1995 Random Killing's song 12 a punk rock parody of Sesame Street's counting song was re-recorded by Random Killing at CBC Studios in Toronto and released as a series of four animated videos numbers 2 3 4 and 12 by Sesame Street where they aired internationally for more than a decade. Johnny was a Punk was also recorded at the same session without vocals and turned into a video for the letter J. In 1998 the band performed and interviewed live on CTV's Open Mike with Mike Bullard. After their performance Mike's team requested if Random Killing could sit in for an interview because they had bounced one of their other guests off the show a comedian with racist material from NYC... The interview was unscripted and extra hilarious due to the fact the show had a well stocked bar in the green room. Mike Bullard later recounted the live interview with Random Killing in an article within one of the major Toronto newspapers. He made us out to be a bunch of hooligans which is not the way we remember it at all. However his version made for good press and a funny story... Random Killing's song Undertaker was included in the documentary Zombiemania a feature created for the Space TV channel in 2008. Random Killing have performed from coast-to-coast in Canada and played with Canadian and International notables such as Dayglo Abortions D.O.A. Propagandhi SNFU Forgotten Rebels Ripcordz Armed and Hammered Bunchofuckingoofs Agnostic Front Bad Brains Dead Kennedys Coffin Break Submachine The Restarts UK Subs The Vibrators and GBH. Random Killing in one of the longest continuously active punk bands in Canada and are looking forward to celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2024.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random_Killing https://www.randomkilling.com/

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kicked in the nuts a true story

    big city blues · deja vu · dogs · foreign soil · kicked in the nuts · noteriety ·


    borrowed time · drunk driving · its okay · kill your parents · killer weed · no use · praise education · pull the switch · s.o.l. · stealing food · subway suicide · take our flag · terrorist attack · this whole world · throw it away ·


    dishwasher · dispatcher · dont ask me why · drag me down · dying for · free beer · glorious dead · go away · hash in america · inbred · krypto · open your eyes · sam · stranded · thoughts of regression ·

take our flag

    drunk driving · its ok · stealing food · take our flag · terrorist attack ·

this whole world

    kill your parents · killer weed · no use · praise education · s.o.l. · subway suicide · this whole world · throw it away ·

thoughts of aggression

    black gloves · blackmail · eddy · frustration · gotta get sober · human world · its not cool · johnny was a punk · killer cabs · nightmare · powerplay · situation normal · thoughts of aggression · twelve · w.d.y.g. · where did you go ·

urine the 90s now

    big rock star (live @ the greeks) · big wet kiss (ripcordz cover) · gotta get sober · human world · johnny was a punk (alt. cut) · kicked in the nuts · killer weed (live @ the greeks) · money (thats what i want) (bonus) · patios and beer (live @ the greeks) · roy sees red (bonus) · she drives me crazy · snafu · this whole world · twelve (live @ the greeks) · undertaker (live @ the greeks) · w.d.y.g. (alt. mix) · welcome... (live @ the greeks) ·


    big city blues · big rock star · cars · clifford · deja vu · dogs · foreign soil · intro · kicked inthe nuts · notoriety · patios and beer · politicians · prefab homes · ritual killing · she drives me crazy · simon says · tequila (beer) · terrorist attack · undertaker · welcome... · were sick ·