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teenage hate

    i'm so gone · stayce · i love living (fear cover) · when i get mad · c'mon over · out of my head into my bed · you fucked up my dreams · it ain't me · down in flames (the dead boys cover) · i gotta rock n roll · memphis blues · quite all right · fashion victim · old news baby · not good enough for you · ollie vee (buddy holly cover) · not your man · i can live without you · black september (johnny vomit & the dry heaves cover) · chuck taylors all stars blues · i lie too · memphis blues · on the go · give it to me · carot belly bunny blues (lil' bunnies cover) · you build me up just to bust me back down · your the one · when i get mad · get the fuck outta my home · you build me up just to bust me back down · you ain't no fun no mo · i lie too · give it to me · c'mon over · not your man · your old news baby · crazy man · action woman (the litter cover) · i'm down (the beatles cover) ·