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stiff little fingers

Punk band from Belfast formed around 1977

stiff little fingers

Stiff Little Fingers are a punk rock band from Belfast Northern Ireland. They formed in 1977 at the height of the Troubles. They started out as a schoolboy band called Highway Star named after the Deep Purple song doing rock covers until they discovered punk. They split up after six years and four albums although they reformed five years later in 1987. Despite major personnel changes they are still touring and recording. In 2014 the band released their tenth studio album and a world tour followed its release. Jake Burns their lead singer is the only member to have been with the band during all its incarnations but in March 2006 original bass guitarist Ali McMordie rejoined them following the departure of The Jam bass player Bruce Foxton after fifteen years. The original members being Jake Burns, Ali McMordie, Henry Cluney & Brian Faloon. This version of the band recorded their first LP "Inflammable Material" which included their signature songs about life in Belfast, "Alternative Ulster", "Suspect Device" and "Wasted Life" but also a musically bold reworking of Bob Marley's "Johnny Was" Moving to London in 1979, the band lost Brian Faloon who was replaced on drums by Jim Reilly. They recorded the LP "Nobody's Heroes" for Chrysalis, an LP which was poppier than "Inflammable Material" but continued exploring similar themes. A cover of the Specials "Doesn't Make It Alright" was included, less successfully than "Johnny Was". "Nobody's Heroes" was followed by the pure power pop of the LPs "Go For It" and "Now Then" (featuring new drummer Dolphin Taylor, previously of the [a=Tom Robinson Band] )which failed to satisfy their fans, and the live LP "Hanx". In 1983 the band decided to call it a day In 1987, Burns reformed the band with McMordie, Cluney and Taylor. When McMordie left in 1990, he was replaced on bass by Bruce Foxton, previously of The Jam. McMordie rejoined the band in 2006. The current incarnation of SLF, which still tours includes Burns, bassist Ali McMordie, guitarist Ian McCallum and drummer Steve Grantley


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all the best

    just fade away · suspect device · go for it · wasted life · alternative ulster · doesn't make it all right (live) · rpm · silver lining · gotta gettaway · safe as houses · bloody sunday · sad-eyed people · straw dogs · two guitars clash · listen · you can't say crap on the radio · at the edge · that's when your blood bumps · good for nothing · running bear (live) · talkback · white christmas (live) · nobody's hero · stands to reason · bits of kids · tin soldiers · back to front · touch and go · mr. fire coal man · the price of admission ·

at the edge

    at the edge · running bear · white christmas ·

go for it

    roots, radicals, rockers & raggae · just fade away · go for it · the only one · hits and misses · kicking up a racket · safe as houses · gate · silver lining · piccadilly circus · back to front · mr. fire coal-man · does't make it all right (live) ·

gotta gettaway

    gotta gettaway · alternative ulster · bloody sunday · suspect device · wasted life · revolution ·


    nobody's hero · gotta gettaway · wait and see · barbed wire love · fly the flag · alternative ulster · johnny was · at the edge · wasted life · tin soldiers · suspect device ·

inflammable material

    suspect device · state of emergency · here we are nowhere · wasted life · no more of that · barbed wire love · white noise · breakout · law and order · rough trade · johnny was · alternative ulster · closed groove ·



    live and loud

      alternative ulster · roots, radicals, rockers and reggae · silver lining · wait and see · gotta gettaway · just fade away · wasted life · the only one · nobody heroes · at the edge · listen · barbed wire love · fly the flag · tin soldiers · no sleep till belfast · suspect device · johnny was ·

    nobodys hero

      gotta gettaway · wait and see · fly the flag · at the edge · nobody's hero · bloody dub · doesn't make it all right · i don't like you · no change · tin soldiers · back to front · mr. fire coal-man · doesn't make it all right (live) · running bear (live) · white christmas (live) ·

    see you up there

      intro go for it · alternative ulster · silver lining · love of the common people · gotta gettaway · just fade away · piccadily circus · gate · wasted life · at the edge · listen · barbed wire love · fly the flag · tin soldiers · the wild rover · suspect device · johnny was ·