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the dogs

the dogs


the dogs punk irratian


before brutality

    at the birth of a song · let the barrel rest my head · lets start a riot · lord knows the fiction has worn out · no pleasant surprise · suicidal appetite · the end has begun · there wont be an encore · tried to borrow some colours off your rainbow · whos gonna pay ·

black chameleon prayer

    anything you wont regret · dont let me down · g.u.i.l.t.y. · i dont wanna · im not talking to you · reduced to existence · something that bleeds · stay away from her · those blackouts · why i lie ·


    i dont need me · i never wanted us · love says nothing · make it hurt until we forget · the moment of truth · the octopus embrace of drugs · toy guns in a butchery · try harder · waiting for the future to come · without a warning ·

death by drowning

    all of us kids were accidents · declaration of isolation · get away from me · it still hurts · oslo · please say something · stay under water · the rain held a thousand needles · where the circle joins · why is the flesh so strong ·

el verdugo

    and pain said nothing · doomsday prepper · fuck it lets go · melt · sanity is history · scars are just memory · sommelier of lies · the story of who i used to be · where the man beast crawls · whispered apologies ·

post mortem portraits of loneliness

    do you wanna die · everything will be worse in the morning · forced hands · hope this is a coma · i should be better · meat vulgarity · someone · the storm · unfound in darkness · whos not doing great ·

rid me of knives

    bad news travels fast · desire. use. repeat. · forget me · go! · i drove all night · i mean it this time · punk rock coming through · some love · whatever your dreams are · you give good headache ·

set yourself on fire and follow the smoke

    dead moon is my heavy metal · death · finally forgotten · follow the enemy · liar · never alone · no refuge · rhyme doesnt pay · set yourself on fire and follow the smoke · she was good ·

swamp gospel promises

    amen · are you with him now · curse of them black chameleons · faster on our own · im not impressed · just cant stand us · mortal tragedy · swamp church · they were wrong · you never loved me at all ·

the grief manual

    her last song · hindsight · lie to me · oh why · prelude to murder · primitive etchings · the children he loves the least · told with bad intent · we were made out of loss · we wont come back ·

the tears are voodoo

    armed and fairly well equipped · calling dad · crime is sexy · cry me sexy · do you remember me now · in this bed · is this any better · one last chance · shut up · you drive ·