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the insane

Punk Rock band from wigan, England, UK. 1979-1986

the insane

Originally formed as a 5-piece band from Wigan in 1979, there were two bands called 'The Insane' for a while when the original band split. This lineup recorded the three track "El Salvador" EP at Cargo Studios in Rochdale before David Ellesmere left to join Discharge. The Insane actually saw 14 different lineups in their career and also recorded for Riot City Records. Both David and Simon later became members of Flux Of Pink Indians. David 'Bambi' Ellesmere - (later in Flux Of Pink Indians, Discharge, Blitzkrieg, Parasites, Dr And The Crippens) Simon 'Psycho' Middlehurst - (later in Flux Of Pink Indians, Hotalacio) Barry 'Tone' Taberner - Vocals Tina Walsh - Rhythm Guitar Dean Porter - Bass Julian Berriman - Bass Stephen 'Mayo' Prescott - Bass 'Dr' Dean 'Mitch' Mitchell - Vocals Phil Nightingale - Drums Trev Aindow - bass (also in Mayhem, Blitzkrieg) Keith 'Animal' Finch - Drums (Insane 2) Gary 'Gaz' Sumner - (also in Mayhem, Blitzkrieg)



the insane punk irratian


demo 1981 and more-lp-2017

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el salvador-1982

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why die

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