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toy dolls

Punk band from Sunderland, UK, formed in October 1979

toy dolls

Toy Dolls are an English punk rock band formed in 1979. Departing from the angry lyrics and music often associated with punk rock The Toy Dolls worked within the aesthetics of punk to express a sense of fun with songs such as Yul Brynner Was a Skinhead My Girlfriend's Dad's a Vicar and James Bond Lives Down Our Street. There is often alliteration in their song titles e.g. Peter Practice's Practice Place Fisticuffs in Frederick Street Neville Is a Nerd. They are probably best known however for their sole UK hit a punk-rock cover of Nellie the Elephant. Their albums usually include a cover version of a well-known hit song usually sped up to the usual punk rock tempo. Covers have included: Blue Suede Shoes Toccata in Dm No Particular Place to Go Sabre Dance Livin' La Vida Loca Lazy Sunday I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles She's So Modern and The Final Countdown. They have also recorded parodies of popular songs such as The Kids in Tyne and Wear Kids in America and The Devil Went Down to Scunthorpe The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Their albums often start with a short intro with a catchy guitar riff and end with an outro which is usually a slightly longer variation of the intro riff. Kazoos are also prominent in many of their songs. Most of the band members have nicknames and are rarely seen without their cartoonish rectangular sunglasses although they appeared bare-eyed on the One More Megabyte album cover.


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a far out disc

    a far out theme tune · bless you my son · carol dodds is pregnant · chartbuster razzmatazz outro · come back jackie · commercial break · do you want to finish... or what! · florence is deaf but (theres no need to shout) · modern schools of motoring · my girlfriends dads a vicar · razzmatazz intro · she goes to finos · were mad · wipe out · you and a box of handkerchiefs ·

anniversary anthems

    alecs back · audreys alone at last · charlies watching · dorkamania · eine kleine nacht muzik · her with a hoover · i wish my eyes were ernies · ive had enough o magaluf · livin la vida loca · livin on newton hall · my baby is a battleaxe · the anniversary waltz · were today · what she had with huey ·

bare faced cheek

    a diamond · bare faced cheek · fisticuffs in frederick street · how do you deal with neal · howza bouta kiss babe · neville is a nerd · nowt can compare to sunderland fine fare · park lane punch up · quick to quit the quentin · the ashbrooke launderette..... youll stink your clothes shrink your whitell be as black as ink · yul brunner was a skinhead ·

one more megabyte

    bachelor boy-when gary married melanie · bored housewife · fred olivier · im a lonely bastard · im gonna be miles · in tommys head · me n john williams · mega intro · mega outro · one more megabyte · shell be back with keith someday · shes a leech · the devil went down to scunthorpe · the memory of nobby ·

on stage in stuttgart

    miles · alecs gone · back in · bless you my son · cloughy is a boot boy · dig that groove baby · dig that groove theme tune · dougy giro · eine kleine nachtmusik · fiery jack · fisticuffs in frederick st. · glenda and the test tube baby · idle gossip · ive got asthma · my girlfriends dads a vicar · nellie the elephant · raiders of the lost ark · sabre dance · she goes to finos · shell be back with keith someday · shes a leech · stay mellow · the lambrusco kid · wakey wakey theme tune · yul brynner was a skinhead ·


    alfie from the bronx · cheerio and toodlepip · deirdres a slag · hanky panky · h.o.! · rupert the bear · were mad ·

ten years of toys

    bless you my son · blue suede shoes · carol dodds is pregnant · deirdres a slag · dig that groove baby · dougy giro · fiery jack · florence is deaf but there.. · glenda and the test tube baby · harry cross a tribute to ed.. · idle gossip · lambrusco kid · my girlfriends dads a vicar · peter practices practice pl.. · she goes to finos · tommy koweys car ·

wakey wakey

    blaze of the borough · cloughy is a bootboy! · daveys took the plunge · godnight irene · introduction · lester fiddled the tax man · no particular place to go · one night in moscow and well.. · pot belly bill · poverty pleadin peter · sabre dance · theres a trollop up elmwood · wakey wakey intro · wakey wakey outro ·