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Gli Uniplux sono un gruppo musicale italiano formato a Roma nel 1979.


Punk Rock band from Rome, Italy formed in the early 80s. Before disbanding in mid 80s (the band will reunite later on and continue up to these days) Uniplux released two 7"s. The first, released for a major label RCA and entitled Chi Siamo Noi? came out in 1982. The second one, Maledetto Rock, released on a little known PoGo records, came out two years later in 1984. Both records are very hard to find and sought after, mainly because Uniplux offered a unique vision of melodic Punk Rock. While at the same time heavy and melodic, the sound of Uniplux always carried along a certain dose of melancholy, notably underlined in their lyrics and dramatic vocals by two different female singers that sang on these two 7's.



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1st single

    chi siamo noi · u.v ·